Indian Violin Concert (Geweest)

zondag 7 april 2024 | 16:30 uur

Duur: 2 uur

Sumanth Manjunath is a violin ‘wunderkind’ who started giving violin concerts at the age of nine and was recognised as a child prodigy. Sumanth hails from the South Indian city of Mysore known for being a haven for arts and culture. Trained by his grandfather, Vidwan Sri Mahadevappa, his uncle renowned violin maestro Mysore Nagaraj and his father, the legendary violinist Dr. Manjunath, this third-generation violinist surprises all with his technical abilities, inborn creativity and ‘bhava’ (feeling) style of performance. He strives to expand the boundaries of his instrument and has been wowing audiences with his performances, winning several prizes and accolades in the process.

Though Sumanth has got this musical talent as a lineal gift from his ancestry, he has made his individual mark by gaining a special rhythm and language which musician aspires to obtain. The young violinist has already performed across the world in many countries including Netherlands.

Performing as an accompaniment is Yashwant Hampiholi who plays Mridangam. Mridangam is a common South-Indian percussion instrument that complements the tonal melody of the lead performer by providing the rhythmic structure for a Carnatic Music concert. Yashwant himself is a prodigious young talent from Nagpur, a city in Central India. Yashwant comes from an artistic family of classical dancers who run an institute for performing arts. He is a disciple of the virtuoso Dr. Patri Satish Kumar.

Both Sumanth and Yashwant are currently on their second duo tour across Europe performing and also giving Indian classical music workshops.

Doors open 16:00
Concert start 16:30

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